How to be a social person ?

How to be a social person ? According to dictionary socialising is the process of gaining personality and integration into society. Things to do becoming a social individual: take place in social activities, be member of social welfare organizations, make new friends, visit museum, watch movie in theater or cinema et cetera.

Firstly one who wants to be social should get acceptance of inner circle. For this purpose the person should know how to behave to people, how to talk with whom and should know better the personality of the people he met. I mean for socialising is necessary to get acceptance.

How to be a social person ?

How to be a social person ?

The person should not only consider his own interests. The one who thinks “it is not my problem ” or “let him stew in his own juice” generally has an antisocial personality. To obtain a permanent place in society a person should be friendly and charming, knowledgeable, cultured, with hobbies and self-aware, and be able to speak politely. Keeping himself in a friendly environment is important to feel good. For example: if you like to play chess, by registering yourself to a chess club will help you to get new friends. Friendship with people who have commen interests give more pleasure.

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